About Us

We at Lamination Services are passionate about providing our clients with accreditation and access control solutions to help their business or manage their event. We supply a wide range of products and services such as ID Card Printing, ID Badge Accessories, Printed Wristbands and Lanyards tailored to meet the requirements of your event or company. 

Lamination Services is family run business since 1982 and is 100% Irish owned. We provide ID Products and Services to some of Ireland’s top corporations in the Pharmaceutical, Tech, Healthcare, Government and Hospitality sectors. We also work alongside Event Organisers and Event Agencies to help deliver successful events, conferences and promotional campaigns.

Over the years, our business has expanded and evolved to include a broad range of products and services to meet market demands and our clients’ requirements. 

Today, we are delighted to offer for following products and Services:

Card Printing Bureau for ID Cards, Access Cards, Membership & Loyalty Cards

Lamination Products & Encapsulation

ID & Badge Accessories – ID Holders, Vinyl Wallets, Clips and Reels

Lanyards – Customised, Plain and Pre Printed

ID Card Printers & Supplies (Printer Ribbons, Film and Blank PVC Cards)

Security Wristbands, Printed Tokens, Face Masks and Promotional Products for events and conferences and lots more...